What is a BB Cream and is it right for me?

March 10th, 2013

You may have heard a lot about BB Creams for the past year or two.  Lots of TV and print ads are dedicated to it and many of the major cosmetic companies are getting into the market.  BB Cream, also known as Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm, is a cosmetic product that until recently has been primarily sold in East and Southeast Asia. BB Creams were created in Germany in the 1960s and became popular in South Korea and Japan in the 1980s – where smooth, natural, and porcelain-looking skin is sought after. The product is marketed as a multi-tasking cream, replacing your moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock.  The product can also be layered for added coverage: worn alone as a tinted moisturizer or over moisturizer and under powder as foundation. Be advised that many BB Creams have a lighter base and may not provide your desired level of coverage, depending on your skin tone and condition.  There are many formulations of BB Creams targeting different populations.  OILY SKIN – Consider Estee Lauder’s Daywear BB Cream to temper oil and shine while moisturizing and providing anti-aging components. DRY SKIN – Try Garnier Skin Reniew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream for a light coverage of minor imperfections with great blend into dry skin. MATURE SKIN – Stila’s Stay All-Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm is fantastic as an add-on to your makeup kit for a good coverage without creasing into lines.  NATURAL FINISH – Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm has a light-weight coverage that provides a subtle glow. You can use it to replace your daily makeup routine of moisturizer and foundation because the Vitamin A will help even out skin tone and reduce wrinkles over time.  For a full listing, please visit Allure Magazine.  


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