What makeup do men find sexy?

March 24th, 2013

This week, we’ll turn our attention to guys and what they find sexy for women in terms of makeup. Though we have a firm belief that women should do what makes them feel good and sexy, we also thought it would be fun to explore what men find attractive. Let’s look at the top 5 makeup looks that men LOVE. 5) Go Natural – Most men find the natural beauty of a woman the most attractive. Natural beauty however does not mean no work at all, ladies. It means achieving and maintaining a beautiful and healthy skin by following a good regimen. 4) Kiss Me – Men love sexy lips and playing up those luscious and kissable lips are one of men’s favorite makeup looks. However, be very careful not to pair this look with one that also calls for bold eyes. The two together is very confusing to the eyes and can look “clownish” very quickly. 3) MEOWWWW – Retro is very much in vogue and the cat eye is another sexy makeup look. Adel wears this look beautifully. 2) Rock My World – The edgier men love the rocker eye look. Think Blondie performing her heart out on stage at CBGB in the 70’s. SEXY!!! 1) Go Smoky – Most men love the attention to eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul and smoky and sultry eyes can be very seductive. This look, if done well, is phenomenal. In the next few weeks, we’ll take each of these makeup looks and talk about how you can best achieve it.


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