Want to know about the Fall 2013 makeup trends?

September 8th, 2013

With the new season almost here, we wanted to share some of the most exciting makeup trends for Fall 2013. Unlike some other seasons, the trends for this year are extremely wearable for a day or evening look. Some trends followed us from the spring season while others are entirely new. 1) CAT EYE – This look continues its reign in the fashion world from the previous season. What is really great about it for the fall is that you can implement the look with any number of colors and application techniques. Do not limit yourself to just a heavy liquid liner (though still very popular.) 2) GO RED – The sexy red lips continue to wow! The fashion runways displayed both the matt (Nina Ricci) and glossy look (Mark Jacobs). The trick with red lips is to pair it with the right eye makeup to showcase the look and to find the “right” red for your skin tone. Ladies, there is a beautiful red out there for you; you just have to find it! 3) WARM ORANGE – Eye shadows in the orange/red tones are very in vogue for the season. Though this can be very pretty, it can also go wrong very quickly. Applying too much of the color in the wrong areas of the eye can make you look tired and lifeless. So, if you want to try this look, we recommend that you consult a professional makeup artist that you work with or one at your local makeup counter. 4) COOL PRUNE – Another great look for the season is the deep purple shadows with a brown undertone. Unlike orange, prune is a color that is flattering on most people and can be easily paired with a number of other colors. We absolutely LOVE this look, and recommend that you definitely give this one a try. 5) GLITTER, GLITTER, AND MORE GLITTER – Oh yes, the glittery eye is back! This is another very tricky look and we recommend that you are careful with it when applying. There are all kinds of glitter and shimmery products out there so choosing the right one for the right time of day is crucial. One major rule of thumb: please do not wear glitter on the eyes while the sun is up, ever! It will make you look older, dated, and will bring out all those skin imperfections that we all like to minimize. In the coming weeks, we will share application techniques and great products that can help you achieve these looks!

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