Have you changed your hair color? Your makeup should be next.

July 14th, 2013

You may have changed your hair color for the season, but have you considered changing up your makeup to match your new hue? A new dye job will certainly impact your cosmetics, but changing your makeup does not need to be a daunting or expensive effort. Below are some simple yet impactful changes to consider: Face – Brunettes can carry a light or warmer shade skin tone but if you are going lighter, you may want to warm up your foundation a shade or two so you don’t appear washed out. If you don’t want to invest in a new foundation, you can also warm up your tone by using a great bronzer on top of your current foundation. Brows – Brows are an essential facial feature that frame your face and can dramatically alter your look. If you are a brunette, go a shade lighter on your brows so you don’t look too harsh. If you are a blond, go a shade or two darker on your brows. Please remember, you do not have to match your hair color with your brows. We actually recommend that you do not do so. Matching the color looks too artificial and is definitely not in mode. Eyes – If you are going darker with your hair color, a natural or softer look is more appealing. If you are going lighter however, consider bringing more drama to your eyes with darker eye shadows. The colors you use will depend on your hair color, skin tone, and eye color. Summer however is a great time to try vibrant colors. Lips – When it comes to your lips, don’t be afraid to experiment. The one hair color that can be tricky however is red. If you are a true red head, consider staying in the warmer tones (warm reds, peaches, oranges, and creams). Cooler reds should consider cooler tones (plums, pinks, and mauves). Adding just a few items to your current makeup kit and mixing colors are all you’ll need to achieve your desired look that will go great with your new hair color!


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