How to: How can you achieve the rocker girl look?

May 18th, 2013

How To: Continuing to follow-up on the top 5 makeup looks that men like for women, number two on the list was the Rocker Girl. Nobody did it better or sexier than Debbie Harry from Blondie. The rocker look is daring, it’s bold. Think extremes when you are going for this look, but make sure to choose one feature to go bold with like the eyes, lips, or skin. Drama everywhere will look clownish, and that’s something we definitely don’t want. What men find very sexy about this look is that it is very unkempt and messy. What’s also very sexy about it is the confident attitude that goes with it. This look is not for the faint of heart or appropriate for day makeup (unless you are in a rock band). But it’s great to try for a night out downtown. To achieve this look, start with applying an eye shadow primer or oil-free foundation from lid to brow to ensure colors stay put, as always. Next, line the inner rim of your upper and lower lash line with a black eye pencil and go over the upper lashes with a liquid liner. Take a synthetic brush and smudge the line outward to blend into the eye shadow at the corners. Next use black shadow to darken the outer corners of the upper lid. Darken your lower lid by applying the same black shadow to fill in the lower lashes. To create the wet look, use a metallic grey as your blender color for the upper and lower lids. You can also use a bit of clear lip gloss to the lower lid for that extra rocker gloss look, but be very careful as this should not get into your eye. Skip it if you are unsure as to how to apply correctly. Apply a metallic white or cream shadow to the inner corners. Finish off with two to three coats of jet black mascara. To intensify the lashes, you may apply false lashes to your upper lashes and apply one coat of mascara. Apply a soft peach color to the cheeks. You can play up your lips with an intense red (very dramatic!) or keep it nude with gloss. Rock it out ladies and don’t forget the attitude!

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