How to: How can you achieve the sexy smoky eye?

May 27th, 2013

This will be the last blog post on the top 5 makeup looks that men like for women, the number one look: Smoky Eye. Another good word for smoky makeup is murky, without definitive lines or sharpness. Therefore, blending is extremely important. Here is a quick how to in achieving the sexy smoky eye. First, choose a good concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone to completely cover your dark circles. Second, apply an eye shadow primer or oil-free foundation from lid to brow to ensure colors stay put. Next, apply a black eye pencil inside your upper and lower water lines and fill in your upper lashes. Apply a bone colored eye shadow on the upper lid and follow with your black shadow from the middle of your eyelid to the outer corner, darkening the color as you go out. A classic smoky eye is done with black eye shadow. Alternatively, you can use dark grey or dark brown. To add more drama, use black eyeliner to draw a line on your upper lid right above your lashes, starting thin at the inner corner and thickening the line as you out to the outer corner. Apply the black shadow to your lower lashes, filling in the lash line. Use a bronze or copper shadow as your blending agent, blending the dark shadow on your upper lid as well as your lower. Blend, blend, blend. Remember, we don’t want any harsh lines. Next, use a highlighting shadow on the inner corners of your eye (near your tear duct) to add a bit of brightness. Finish off with two coats of black mascara. There are many variations of the smoky eye that can be accomplished with many colors and styles. This is the most classic, however. Once you are comfortable with the technique, you can try other variations. Ladies, please note that the smoky eye is an evening look only. Pair it with beautiful neutral lips and you got one sexy evening look!

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